Color washing with RGB LED strips


First, I bought 11 strips of 5m RGB 60 LED from this recommended seller. I worked with the seller to combine shipping of 11 strips and we worked outside of eBay for the transaction. The final cost was $30 per strip, shipped from China.

I wanted to test if it was worth hanging two strips side-by-side under my soffit. If you look at the unofficial test on I did see a noticeable increasing using two strips. While not 50% brighter, I thought it was worth hanging two strips.

I am using Light-O-Rama's DC controller (Deluxe DC Board CMB16D-QC) and created an Excel document to calculate my power usage for the lenghths diagramed compairing it to the power limits of the controller.




I carefully measured under the soffits and created this diagram of my house and outlining the lengths needed.

I then cut all of the LED strips to the lengths I needed and cut off the RGB wires were originally soldered on the strip. Using my living room floor, I laid out each section and identified the ends, joints and where I needed connectors. I soldered on four-pin connectors to the joints and ends.

I used these L shaped connectors to connect the joints AND ends. There were a handful of joints that required a T connector.

I then connected the ends to wire connectors which converts the connectors to 4 wires.

Using the L & T shaped ends allowed me to make really tight corners and tight connections, which helped keep a nice color distribution on my house (no noticeable gaps).

2 LED strips on the left parellel to eachother with the four-pin connections soldered on. The L shaped connector on the top right, the T shaped connector in the middle and the wire connector at the bottom.

I sealed each joint using a Waterproof LED Strip Sealant Compound. I went ahead and bought the sealent kit as I knew I was going to use the ends. Just the compound is also available. I ended up having to buy two kits as I ran out of ends and sealant. If you signup for their e-newsletter, they email you a code for 10% off your order.

I used 1/2" shrink wrap to seal all of the connections


I connected the 4 wires that were attached to the RGB strip to speaker wire that I previously ran through my from the controller to under through the attic to under my soffit.

I soldered and heatshrunk the connections

I attached the LED strip to under my soffit

I originally used a spacer that I made to keep the strips straight, but I obandoned it as eyeballing it, I got it fairly straight.

Originally I attached the LED spolls on a board that was attached to my clamp thinking it would help make the installation easier. I found out that the spools would unwind contantly and was more of a hinder than a help.

So I ran the LED strips though the clamp and this worked much better. Gravity and the clamps position to the soffit made the strips nice and tight and close to their final position. Unfortunatly, I did not take a picture of this modification, so please imagine the strips are the two yellow lines going through the clamp.



As previously mentioned, I used two

Mean Well SE-450-12 450 Watts/37.5Amp 12V power supply

bought Keptel OPE-92000 Enclosures

The documentation of the controller doesn't specify how you hookup the LED strip to the controller.

Fininished controller